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Gregg Wood

Managing Director

Mr. Wood has been in the real estate business for over 30 years. He has a vast knowledge of all things real estate. He has billions in personal production starting with lending, banking, private money, construction loans, development, land planning, financial planning, and ground-up design-build.

Gregg started Silver Stream Advisors 11 years ago to help individuals maximize their investment opportunities nationwide and has helped hundreds of people grow their portfolios with robust returns on capital. His most recent project includes a master-planned community in Southern Utah.

As Managing Director at Silver Stream, Mr. Wood is focused on luxury residential development opportunities in some of the most affluent markets in the country. Gregg is a husband and father and lives an active life keeping up with his 5 daughters and 2 grandchildren.

Kyler Booth

Managing Partner

Kyler Booth is a seasoned real estate professional with a decade of experience, overseeing millions in successful transactions. Kyler specializes in both single-family and multifamily properties, leveraging his expertise to consistently deliver impressive results for clients.

Known for his skill in raising private capital and securing consistent returns on investment, Kyler has proven himself as a trusted advisor in the industry. Currently serving as the Managing Partner at Silver Stream, he focuses on luxury residential development opportunities in affluent markets nationwide.

Kyler's commitment to excellence extends beyond his professional pursuits, as he is a dedicated member of his community where he sits on the board of local non-profits, consistently giving back. A proud Utah resident, Kyler is an avid outdoor enthusiast and skier.

Silver Abstract

About Us

Silver Stream Advisors, LLC is a privately owned firm that invests in residential and commercial properties and related debt instruments that provide opportunities for repositioning and resolution. SSA has a deeply established history in the fields of REO, NPNs, complex legal and financial resolutions, vacation rentals, fix and flip, partnerships, joint ventures property operations, and commercial real estate development. The firm performs internally all functions related to its investment activities including construction, loan servicing and property management. The sole owner of the firm has over thirty years of experience in these related fields

The firm invests directly for its own account as well as participates in joint ventures with existing property owners, lenders, family offices, and investment funds. SSA does not solicit outside investors as they are not registered security. 

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DISCLAIMER: Nothing in Silver Stream’s statements to you shall be construed as a promise or guarantee concerning any aspect of your acquisition, ownership, operation, exchange, sale, or condition of the Properties or your non-real estate investment portfolio including, without limitation, the likelihood that the Properties will be profitable or achieve any of your financial or tax objectives, the suitability of any real property for acquisition, exchange, financing, or sale by you, the likelihood that any real estate parcel or real estate market will appreciate, or the length of time that it will take to identify and acquire, or sell a parcel of real estate. All statements made by Silver Stream are expressions of opinion only. Silver Stream relies on information obtained from and based upon sources Silver Stream believes to be reliable, but Silver Stream does not guarantee its accuracy. You hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that you were informed and are aware that Silver Stream does not hold a professional real estate broker’s license, a professional real estate agent’s license, or any type of licenses with respect to financial investing or the federal or state tax implications of investing. You shall consider all statements made by Silver Stream concerning expected profitability or appreciation of any real estate or non-real estate investments solely as a statement of opinion and not any type of guarantee or promise whatsoever. You have not relied on any representations, warranties, promises or agreements made by Silver Stream other than those expressly in our Agreements. You acknowledge that you are an accredited investor and have the knowledge and resources to make an educated investment decision.

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